Selected Publications

"Heron at Park Lake" forthcoming in Miramar 8 - Fall 2019

"Last Day in the Mountains" in Missouri Review's Poem of the Week

"Why I Quit Writing a Journal"  in the Asheville Poetry Review

"On Faithfulness" in Poetry East

"Leah, Weary Eyed and Swarmed--" + "Leah, [as girls you both climbed]" in Ruminate

"Bell" / "Compassion" / "Objectivity" in the American Literary Review

"Drill" and "Conversion" in Poecology

“Montauk, NY” in Witness

“Explication” in Mead: The Magazine of Literature and Libations

“At the Kitchen Sink” in Painted Bride Quarterly

“Aperture” in Cumberland River Review   

“The Bull and the Horse”“Fourth of July, Brooklyn” in Flyway: A Journal of Writing and Environment

“Small Sketch Around Hollowness” / "C Train" / "Invective, Early Spring" / "Mid-Summer"  in Yew: A Journal of Innovative Writing and Images by Women

A Skeptic at Nightin The Splinter Generation

“Lepidoptery” and other poems The Red Cedar Review